About Mogador Trade Limited

Mogador Trade Limited is a family owned business operating from the UK that supplies Argan oil, cosmetic beauty and spa products from Essaouira city in western Morocco.
Our family background and heritage is from Essaouira city in Morocco, and we have vast experience in supply, distribution and processing of the highest grade Argan oil sourced directly from the cooperative Argan farms in Essaouira.

Argan oil enthusiast customers will know that the finest grade quality of Argan oil produced in Morocco originates from the coastal towns within the Essaouria region.
The most important trade in Essaouira is the Argan oil trade, which is produced by women cooperatives that share the profits among the local women of the Berber tribe.
(Please read here an article published in the New York Times about the discovery of Argan oil from Essaouira).

Our company philosophy is simple, at Mogodor Trade Limited we ensure that our supply of Argan oil is of the highest standard.
This is the main priority for our business, so the customer can be assured that all our batches are Ecocert certified and we also test further the durability and safety of our Argan oil from a UK qualified toxicologist.
(Please read here for information about our ‘Souira Pure Argan Oil’ products).

Not only do we supply the best Argan oil products in the market, we also stock many other cosmetic beauty products from Essaouira.
Mogador Trade Limited specialise in Moroccan traditional Hammam accessories including soaps and clay based products made from complete organic ingredients.
All these products are available from our website to purchase.

Our company strives to ensure that all of our customers and client base remain completely satisfied with our products.
Your feedback is very important to us, so please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions, we aim to please always.

Amane Amine
Head Management