Frequently Asked Questions

Is Souira Pure Argan Oil suitable for all skin types?

Souira Pure Argan Oil is completely natural and organic and suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive skin.
It is also suitable for dry skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

How long does Argan oil last?

Souira Pure Argan Oil has a shelf life for up to 2 years from the date of production.
It is important that the oil is securely stored in its amber bottle, away from direct sunlight, high temperatures and the lid is kept closed after use.
Mogador Trade Limited produce new stock of Argan oil every two months making sure our oil supplied to you is fresh and kept in optimum condition.

What’s the difference between Cosmetic Argan oil and Culinary Argan oil?

Cosmetic Argan oil is extracted by cold pressing the kernels of the Argan fruit.
The oil is usually a light to medium golden colour and has a mild, slightly nutty aroma.
Culinary Argan oil is made by roasting the kernels of the Argan fruit before the pressing process takes place.
This gives a rich, golden coloured (reddish) oil with a nutty taste. It is used for cooking and has numerous health benefits.

Is it possible mix Argan oil with other oils or creams?

Souira Pure Argan Oil is known for being quickly absorbed into the skin.
It is possible and completely normal to mix Argan oil with other oil base and creams to get desired results.

Why is Souira Pure Argan Oil packaged in dark coloured bottles?

Sunlight breaks down the properties of Argan oil.
We use premium grade plastic material with amber coloured bottles which best preserves the Argan oil in its most effective condition and does not compromise any of its beneficial properties.

How can you recognise good quality Argan oil and what to exactly look out for in other cheap imitations?

Pure, raw and organic Argan oil will always have a slightly nutty smell and the appearance of the oil will be light to medium gold in colour.
If the oil is virtually odourless, then there is a good chance that the oil has been over processed, mixed with other oils (diluted) which means that the oil is not pure and most certainly has lost its beneficial properties and nutrients.
If the Argan oil has a very rich golden colour and has a strong, nutty smell, it is suitable to suggest that you have culinary Argan oil.

I found Argan oil cheaper elsewhere, is it really the real deal?

Argan oil is now widely available on the internet, and over the years there have been sellers that are introducing mixed and diluted Argan oil products for a very low price which certainly raises many questions to the originality of the product being described.
Our company motto is simple, we only source the purest and organic, certified Argan Oil.
This is our first and foremost priority, because we deal directly with the cooperative Argan farms we can offer the best possible prices available.
Pure Argan oil certainly is not cheap, but you also don’t need to be paying overpriced costs from established endorsed brands.

There is a nutty aroma smell when I first apply the Argan oil, is this normal?  

The nutty aroma smell is perfectly normal, and there is a reason why?
Most Argan oil companies trading online will deodorise their Argan oil.
Our company can confirm that Souira Pure Argan Oil is NOT deodorised.
Deodorisation of Argan oil will definitely reduce the oils natural properties resulting in poor performance and effectiveness of the oil.
Our Argan oil is specially filtered which reduces the natural raw nutty aroma scent, without compromising any of the oils natural benefits.
Argan enthusiasts will completely understand that the benefits gained from using pure, organic, virgin Argan oil far outweigh the nutty aroma scent (which incidentally disappears after 1-3 minutes).

Is Souria Pure Argan Oil Certified for Authenticity?

Souira Pure Argan Oil is imported directly from Essaouira, Morocco supplied by our vendor cooperative Argan farm that is certified by Ecocert and other local government authenticity boards.
Once our Argan oil arrives into the UK, we get it further tested by our UK toxicologist who verifies the safety and durability of the Argan oil.

Are there any side effects with Argan oil?

There are no proven side effects with the use of Souira Pure Argan Oil.
As with any product indicated for external use only, please avoid any contact with eyes. Not for internal use.

Do you guarantee your Argan oil?

We guarantee that you will not be disappointed in any of our product ranges.
We are very confident about the quality of our Argan oil products.
For any reason you are not happy with our products we are more than happy to refund* or exchange any of our items.
We also offer a complete peace of mind, money back guarantee* on our Souira Pure Argan Oil product range. Your satisfaction is the prime goal for our company.