Why Choose Souira Pure Argan Oil?

It is no secret, Argan oil is now widely available on the internet, and be it on eBay, Amazon or a simple online website purchasing Argan oil is now easier then ever before.
There are many different suppliers from all over the world distributing Argan oil based products.
Just a simple ‘Buy Argan Oil’ search in google will result in an endless list of distributors, vendors and outlets of Argan oil products.

As a customer, it becomes extremely difficult to decide which company is favorable for your Argan oil purchase that offers the best price and more importantly the best quality Argan oil product on the market.The simple truth of the matter is that high grade Argan oil in its true and original form does not come cheap in price.


At Mogodor Trade Limited, we aim to provide you with the finest quality grade Argan oil available on the market.
Better yet, because we deal directly with our cooperative Argan farm house suppliers in Morocco, we can provide you with the best competitive prices on the internet as we deal with large quantity supplies on a regular basis.
Now as a customer you are getting the “best quality Argan oil for the best unbeatable price”.  

Souira Pure Argan Oil is originated from our cooperative Argan farm house in Essaouira, Morocco. Our Argan oil is cold pressed, filtered and naturally preserved in its purest form.
Souria Pure Argan oil is the highest grade Argan oil available that is rich and pure in formation and contains absolutely no chemicals or preservative of any kind.

All our Argan oil supply is ecocert certified from our suppliers in Morocco and the oil is further tested in the UK making sure it is safety complaint.


We are so confident in the quality of our Argan oil that we are now offering a complete peace of mind money back guarantee* on our Souira Pure Argan Oil item range.
If you are not happy with the item, you can send it back for a complete refund. Please note that Souira Pure Argan Oil is 100% genuine and has not been mixed or diluted with any other products which would impair the quality of the oil.
We at Mogador Trade Limited, are assured to provide you with one of the best Argan oil products available on the internet.